Importance of Architectural Design Services in UAE 

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Did you know that more than 60% of our time is spent inside our homes, and around 90% of it is spent indoors in general? When you spend that much time inside a building, its design has a huge impact on you. Without you knowing, the design, structure, lighting, and colors of your living or work space influence your mood and energy. That’s the reason architectural design services are considered crucial in real estate projects, especially in the hub of skyscrapers; Dubai. There are different types of architectural designs, depending on the specifications of the project i.e., commercial or residential.  

In this article, mimAR Studios has explained what architectural design services are along with their types and importance. Let’s start!  

What are Architectural Design Services?   

Architecture design is a foremost element for any construction project whether it’s a residential, retail or commercial site. Professional architectural design services consist of the geometry, functionality, creativity, and aesthetics of a building according to the planned structures.  

These services ensure structural feasibility as well as the practicality and sustainability of a given design by the architects. For instance, in architectural design for homes, the safety and beauty of the house might be the top concerns. On the other hand, for high-rise or industrial buildings, the technical aspects and planning might be more important. So, architectural design services vary according to their types.  

What are the Types of Architectural Design?  

Although there are hundreds of architectural styles, there are two main categories of architectural design services i.e. residential and commercial. Mainly, the architecture designers make unique and stable designs for these two types of construction projects.   

Buildings such as offices, factories, shopping malls, schools, warehouses, etc. follow commercial architectural designs. The planning and design development for commercial buildings take a lot more time than for residential projects. The reason is that with structural elements like escalators, receptions, storerooms, roof hatches, elevators, etc., the layout becomes more complicated.  

On the other hand, residential architecture in UAE includes designs for houses, resorts, and apartment buildings. In residential projects, the design is less complicated as the structure and planning are straightforward and simpler to follow.  

MimAR Studios offers both of these services in UAE along with architectural services for mixed-use buildings. Our team of expert architects and designers uses cutting-edge technology to come up with high-quality and practical architectural designs for diverse projects.  

Why are Architectural Design Services Important?   

The architecture of a building has a huge influence on not only the people living there but on anyone who visits because of many factors. A good design gives the assurance of a durable structure and greater stability in the longer run. There are several reasons why architectural design services are important for real estate projects. Keep reading to explore some of them:  

  • They enhance the functional performance  

One of the many characteristics of an amazing building is that it should be easy to navigate. People should be able to move from one side to the other without getting confused because of a complex structure. Excellent architectural design services guarantee easy movement across different levels of a building and make sure that the design is practical to follow for the construction crew.  

Every space, whether it is commercial, residential or industrial has unique functions that it serves, and design is important because it enhances that functionality. The design also focuses on the flow of a building. For instance, a well-structured and practical workplace would allow maximum productivity. Similarly, hospitals with good architecture help patients get treatment quicker by being able to navigate through the building smoothly.  

  • They offer distinctive styles and aesthetics  

The first thing you notice about any living or commercial space is not how feasible and structurally sound it is but how it looks. And that’s why the architectural design for homes and commercial buildings is so important. Architecture designs add creativity and aesthetics to a place and make life in those places more comfortable and unique. Professional architectural designers like those at mimAR make sure that your building gets the best views without compromising its functionality.  

There is scientific evidence that suggests that spaces with good design and architecture help build healthier communities and businesses. High-quality designs make your building stand out in the skyline and impress the audience with its aesthetic appeal. Style and design elements of the building are especially significant in UAE, where each building is an architectural masterpiece and the competition is very high.  

  • They add greater safety and stability  

Among the top concerns of an architect when designing any building is that it stands the test of time. How do they ensure that a building is stable and durable after its construction? The precision and attention to detail that goes into any architectural design determine the feasibility of a structure and how stable it is.  

The safety of a building, especially the high-rise buildings typically found in Dubai’s infrastructure, is a prime consideration for new projects. Whether a building is structurally stable and sound rests heavily on its design along with other factors.  

Final Words  

A good architectural design regulates the endurance, safety and practicality of a commercial or residential project. There are different types of architectural services offered at mimAR studios which you can get to make your real estate project look spectacular and sell faster in UAE. 

Architectural designs are important for not only the aesthetics of your project but also for its stability and feasibility. Contact us now to get top-notch architectural design services for your real estate project in UAE and make it exceptional.  

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