6 Best ways mimAR can help you sell your real estate

best ways to sell real estate

best ways to sell real estate

6 Best Ways mimAR Can Help You Sell Your Real Estate

Marketing strategies in real estate are now being transformed by unprecedented technological advancements. Today, innovative proptech sector is using best ways to sell real estate. As a result, selling real estate projects has now become as easy as pie, thanks to virtual tours, 3D animations, and digital marketing.

You can easily sell your real estate as the best marketing techniques are readily available. mimAR’s impeccable marketing services make selling your property a snap whether you are a developer or landowner.

Our list of the best ways to sell real estate includes some of the best innovative technologies. 

Best Ways to Sell Real Estate

Real Estate Virtual Tours

A 360 virtual tour is just like an actual tour you take on your own, such as visiting the site and exploring different sections of the project. Clicking on any part of the project will let you open it, navigate within it, and view it from a number of angles. In this way, you get a broader perspective on the project.

Real estate virtual tours from mimAR have the power to inspire your imagination. Therefore, our objective is to enhance the buying journey and increase the likelihood of selling your property. Virtual tours allow us to take customers inside each and every building to show every detail, from the location to the building facades and bedrooms, with precision and perfection. You’ll see how the interior of a well-furnished home would look when you move in.

Mimar’s 360 virtual tours allow you to visit the house anytime day or night. All information is available to you at any time from any location. There is no need to physically visit the site. You can explore all the features of the property and make an informed decision.

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3D animation Walkthroughs

3D architectural walkthrough adds height and width to a simple visual, revolutionizing the viewing experience in real estate. Discover the building, visit the bedroom, and see for yourself how life would be. A project that is merely a sketch on paper becomes a lifelike model. With the animation, the details in the design and the features of the property are clearly seen. The animation provides a more immersive experience. As the building comes to life in front of the customer’s eyes, the experience is enhanced. With multiple properties to choose from, the customer is able to pick and choose according to their own needs.

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Digital Marketing

best ways to sell real estate

The most efficient method of promoting your real estate is to use our digital marketing services, which include SEO-optimized websites and apps. Your site will come up at the top of searches for real estate projects, resulting in a lot of traffic.

Nowadays it seems impossible to win real estate sales without digital marketing. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms for launching effective social media campaigns. Therefore, we use social media marketing to promote brands and gain online visibility.

Outdoor marketing

Targeting demographics in local areas is the key to outdoor marketing. Location is essential when it comes to real estate outdoor marketing. By using hoardings, steamers, and standard standees, a marketing strategy makes the project more visible to the right target market. Fences can also be used at the site to catch people’s attention and encourage them to learn more about your project.

Branding Your Real Estate

Best ways to sell real estate

In the real estate market, our goal is to establish your company as a brand. From the logo to the marketing materials, we work to make your company a name to remember. You can choose from mugs, keychains, flyers, brochures, and other custom design items in the branding kit. Such items enhance a brand’s image and encourage lead conversions.

Check out our real estate branding services for more details.

Providing Interactive Manuals

Real estate prospects can market their properties with our interactive manuals in a simple and effective manner. By using an interactive manual, they will get a glimpse of what the building could look like in the future. The buying journey for customers has been shortened because they are able to see all the details immediately.  Our interactive manuals are one of the best ways to sell real estate quickly.

Discover more regarding our 3D visualization services.

mimAR – Your Best Marketing Partner

Our integrated marketing solutions cover all aspects of real estate marketing. Whether you are looking for 3D visualizations or renderings or 3D tours and walkthroughs, we can handle it all under one roof. No matter if you are a developer or owner, we are here to assist you with all of your marketing needs. Contact us now to know more!

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